African Quills

A few years back my mother made the decision to designate every member of my family to be responsible for a segment of the day over the course of Christmas Eve and Christmas. In the new Guerin family tradition every member is in-charge of the meal and activity during their segment of the day they’ve picked. My mother was in charge of Christmas evening and this year she threw a raffle. However we could not purchase the items with our own money but instead we had to compete for Monopoly money that my mother had hidden away; we got the money by complimenting, doing nice things, and in short brown noising my mother over the holiday. No need to ask who got the most money (it was me of course) and with that hard earned Monopoly I won a bundle of gorgeous African Porcupine Needles.  I’ve got few ideas that I’ve sketch out that are going to be up on the website soon, just have to wait on my new order of needles!