Some recent finds

Geez. It's too gosh darn hard for me to pick just one favorite piece this week. I whittled it down to 10 amazing pieces that a scoured the interwebs to find for y'all. 

Notcot Treasures

From the Ocean floor

Horns a honking

Stumbled upon this photo on notcot few months back, I decided to hold on it for nothing other than to keep in my back pocket. When looking for some lucite leaf beads I later found these magnificent beads. Hmm.. do you think the world is trying to tell me something?

Flower Power

Spring has officially sprung in NYC and my order of flowers will be arriving shortly. Keep on the look out for some new flower studs in the Jewelry Box! 

Layer it on!

I must admit there's a tiny part of me that is sad that winter has come and gone. Trust me, I understand what a ridiculous thing that is to say (out loud especially) but I can't help but miss my scarf collection that has been pushed to the back of my coat closet. Oh well, I guess I'll buck up and enjoy the hot and sweaty NYC summer a-coming.